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Comically Canadian!

I love Canada! I am one of those people who is possibly overly proud to be Canadian. I acknowledge and appreciate that we are not remotely a perfect country. There's a history that is shameful and still needs to be worked on and worked through. All that being said, from my biased and point of privilege I appreciate being where I am. One of the things that I love most about being Canadian are the celebrities who also represent us to the world. And yes - Keanu is one of them! While Keanu was not born in Canada, he often speaks of his days growing up in Toronto, to the point where people associate him with Canada. As they should, says the all too patriotic Canadian Keanu fan!  Part of Keanu's charm, I think comes from his Canadian upbringing. He has a sense of humility and self-deprecation that is perfectly on brand with the Canadian humour. He is that excessively kind and polite person that for some reason the world sees as Canadian. (Hey world! Guess what! We can be

Believe in Yourself!

There are countless reasons why I love Keanu, but the biggest reason is the fact is that he has never wavered from being himself. Except for maybe that time he almost went by Chuck Spadina . Agents are funny sometimes. Seriously though - look back on Keanu's career. Even when he was hosting a kids TV show in Toronto he was a big goofball and unafraid to just be himself. He knew he hated school so packed up and moved to LA to pursue his dream and work his butt off to achieve the career he has. He's played the goof, the dark brooding teenager, the misfit, the cool kid, the badass, the jock, the romantic, and self deprecating versions of himself. Why? Because all of the roles speak to who he is ... or so I assume. I can't say for sure. I don't know the guy. The fact is that there are countless stories out there of Keanu just ... being Keanu. Why does he offer seats on subways? Why does he donate to kids hospitals anonymously? Why does he make the best out of a rough si

Bring on the Bad-Axe!

The new year of Keanu started out pretty well. My first weekend was spent getting my bad ass in shape right away. Right before the new year my dear friend suggested we go axe throwing.  My obvious response was "How soon can we get there?" Apparently these axe throwing places are popping up all over, and I have to say it might be the best thing ever. As one who rages pretty hard, it is the perfect release for all that pent up energy. It is also extremely satisfying to hold a heavy and dangerous object and hear it plow itself into a sacrificial target. I never would have expected that a blunt thud could sound so gratifying. As I said to my friend that day, I doubt I'll ever go bowling again. Since my whole Keanu obsession started with John Wick, it was great to start the year off with trying my best to emulate him with some casual weapon throwing. If you have not seen it, in John Wick 3 there's an epic fight scene with some serious knife throwing. via GIPHY

My Year of Keanu!

I know that 2019 the world fell in love with Keanu, and for good reason. John Wick 3 came out, seemingly to be the last in the series which we now know will not be the case. The exciting end to the Toy Story franchise ended with Keanu playing the lovable Canadian daredevil Duke Caboom. He was honoured in the way he always should have been in the hilarious rom com, Always Be My Maybe. And he surprised the world when he came out to announce and share his role in the much anticipated videogame Cyberpunk 2077. And then he had to double down on all of his usual altruism and good deeds of helping abandoned travellers and donating to childrens hospitals. All the media attention reminded the world of why he is so worthy of our love and made him the internet’s boyfriend. And rightfully so, because – Let’s face it! Keanu IS breathtaking. But here’s the thing: 2019 was not the year of Keanu for me! 2018 was! On one fateful night in 2018 I felt a whole lot of rage for whatever reason (politics