Believe in Yourself!

There are countless reasons why I love Keanu, but the biggest reason is the fact is that he has never wavered from being himself. Except for maybe that time he almost went by Chuck Spadina. Agents are funny sometimes.

Seriously though - look back on Keanu's career. Even when he was hosting a kids TV show in Toronto he was a big goofball and unafraid to just be himself. He knew he hated school so packed up and moved to LA to pursue his dream and work his butt off to achieve the career he has. He's played the goof, the dark brooding teenager, the misfit, the cool kid, the badass, the jock, the romantic, and self deprecating versions of himself. Why? Because all of the roles speak to who he is ... or so I assume. I can't say for sure. I don't know the guy.

The fact is that there are countless stories out there of Keanu just ... being Keanu. Why does he offer seats on subways? Why does he donate to kids hospitals anonymously? Why does he make the best out of a rough situation with fellow passengers? Why does he brush off the sad Keanu meme with a 'people are just having fun' attitude? Because that's just who he is.

I'm going to tangent for a moment here. I had the privilege of watching 'The Cat Returns' this weekend. My family and I love Studio Ghibli. We love it so much that we designed my daughters bedroom based on the Ghibli. I knew I wanted to make a piece of art using a quote from a Ghibli film for her wall, so I found one from The Cat Returns that I thought was perfect - even though I hadn't yet seen the film. The quote we chose?

"Always believe in yourself. Do this and no matter where you are, you will have nothing to fear!"

The film was amazing, and kooky, and whimsical, and hilarious, and full of fun and adventure. That quote? It comes from a cat, with the English dubbing voice acted by none other than the actor who we all know to embody charm, romance, bravery, badassery, and hilarity. No, not Keanu (yeah - that was misleading, wasn't it)! Another actor we know and love - Cary Elwes! Our sweet Wesley from The Princess Bride.

I am by no means even remotely implying that Keanu should have played the part of Wesley in The Princess Bride. I wouldn't touch that movie in any way. You don't mess with perfection. All I am trying to say is that much like Wesley, and our dear cat Baron Humbert von Gikkingen, Keanu knows himself and trusts himself. He is, or at least seems, unphased by other people's opinions of him. The praise doesn't make him a hothead, and the criticisms don't seem to bring him down. It is that self-assuredness that makes him someone we all love.

Thanks Keanu for always being you! I'd like to think you make us all want to be better versions of ourselves.


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