Bring on the Bad-Axe!

The new year of Keanu started out pretty well. My first weekend was spent getting my bad ass in shape right away. Right before the new year my dear friend suggested we go axe throwing.  My obvious response was "How soon can we get there?"

Apparently these axe throwing places are popping up all over, and I have to say it might be the best thing ever. As one who rages pretty hard, it is the perfect release for all that pent up energy. It is also extremely satisfying to hold a heavy and dangerous object and hear it plow itself into a sacrificial target. I never would have expected that a blunt thud could sound so gratifying. As I said to my friend that day, I doubt I'll ever go bowling again.

Since my whole Keanu obsession started with John Wick, it was great to start the year off with trying my best to emulate him with some casual weapon throwing. If you have not seen it, in John Wick 3 there's an epic fight scene with some serious knife throwing.

Admittedly what I did was not nearly as elegant or epic, but it was THROWING A FREAKING AXE! The thing is heavy enough to know that it'd hurt if it got anywhere near you, and sharp enough to treat those pine boards like butter. My goal was to decimate the bullseye so that by the end of the hour you couldn't even see it anymore. I didn't quite get there because - let's face it - my aim sucks. But wow was it ever awesome to just get the blade anywhere near the centre target.

I cannot wait to go axe throwing again and hopefully make a hobby out of it. Maybe I'll even get a bit better. Of course, I'll never have the skills of John Wick, but that's okay. Neither does Keanu. But what Keanu has taught me is that if I want to even try to be as good as John then I've got to put the training in. Challenge accepted. Who wants to go throw some axes?


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