Comically Canadian!

I love Canada! I am one of those people who is possibly overly proud to be Canadian. I acknowledge and appreciate that we are not remotely a perfect country. There's a history that is shameful and still needs to be worked on and worked through. All that being said, from my biased and point of privilege I appreciate being where I am.

One of the things that I love most about being Canadian are the celebrities who also represent us to the world. And yes - Keanu is one of them!

While Keanu was not born in Canada, he often speaks of his days growing up in Toronto, to the point where people associate him with Canada. As they should, says the all too patriotic Canadian Keanu fan! 

Part of Keanu's charm, I think comes from his Canadian upbringing. He has a sense of humility and self-deprecation that is perfectly on brand with the Canadian humour. He is that excessively kind and polite person that for some reason the world sees as Canadian. (Hey world! Guess what! We can be jerks too! ... Oh sorry, didn't mean to yell.) And - well come on - one of his most recent roles was voicing Duke Caboom, CANADA'S GREATEST STUNTMAN!

My Christmas miracle this past holiday was being fortunate enough to get to watch Toy Story 4 on Christmas Eve. I tried seeing it with my preschooler when it came out in theatres, but she decided as soon as we entered the theatre that it was too loud and scary. So we turned around and went home as I internally wept. Fortunately we frequented our local library for past Disney films, so I was smart enough to put a hold on Toy Story 4 knowing I would be among the first to get it once it hit the library. Sure enough, I got my notification from the library that it was ready for me on Dec. 23rd, and Christmas Eve we picked it up and watched it.

Not only was the film just fantastic, but Keanu as Duke Caboom was just amazing! Apparently there may or may not be a bit of a back story on the Duke Caboom character being based on an actual guy in the Vancouver area applying to be a stunt man for Pixar - but whether or not that story is true to me is irrelevant. Canada's Greatest Stuntman, on a motorcycle, with crushing Imposter Syndrome? They basically had to sign Keanu!

I'm not going to spoil the movie, because that's not what I'm about here. What I will say is that I am so grateful for the comedy that comes from being Canadian. It's awkward, it's self-deprecating, it's dry, it's obvious, but it's gold. I recently binged on some more Comedy Gold by watching Schitt's Creek with SCTV legends Catherine O'Hara and Eugene Levy. My already excessive love for this country only grew. Canadians are funny! We get the joke, because we are the joke, and we think that's awesome!

To all the funny Canadians out there - and yes, that of course includes Keanu - keep it up! Let's be the medicine the world needs.


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