From Arch to Triumph!

Motorcycles are cool. That's just a fact! Keanu knows this. I know this. My husband knows this. Even my Dad knows this. Riding on the road on two wheels unencumbered by doors, or walls, or general protection from the elements is just awesome. So awesome in fact that Keanu was brilliant enough to up his cool and start Arch Motorcycles. You want a beautiful bespoke cruiser designed and manufactured in California - go to Arch!

Now, I don't have a motorcycle. I don't even have a license. But after going on rides with my Dad on his cruiser, and now with my husband on his not meant for two sports bike, I am seriously considering getting a bike of my own someday. So when my husband reminded me that the motorcycle show was in town, I happily packed up the kids and attended with him. He seemed pretty proud to be walking around mentioning we were shopping for Mom. Yeah ... okay.

No, Arch was not at the show. They're far to niche for that. Yes, I'd love to ride an arch - but I'm a practical person, and I certainly do not have the money or audacity to consider an Arch as a not even novice rider. A Triumph! That was what I went to the show to check out. Every time I see a bike on the road that I think is awesome, it's consistently a Triumph. Plus, having a Triumph in the family worked for my husband, because it meant he'd get to work on it and ride it from time to time too. It also didn't hurt that it was a British bike which was also the kind of bike Keanu rode before Arch became his life. But that's just a reflection of the excellent taste both Keanu and I have.

It was awesome checking out the bikes at the show and sitting on the Triumph T100. I could certainly imagine riding it one day. So could my husband. Truth be told, my ideal Triumph was a bike that was not at the show. It's still the bike I found in my neighbourhood years ago that has a bunch of customizations added to it. Seriously though - how freaking beautiful is this!

But again - I'm a practical person. The T100 worked. It made me happy and my husband happy. But then we headed over to Honda. There was a beautiful bike that spoke to me. I took my infant off of me and passed him over to my husband so I could have a seat. And wow was I ever comfortable. It was lightweight. I felt confident on it. I felt like if I were to get my license tomorrow I could go riding the next day. I'd become a rebel.

I find it funny that the Rebel felt so good, considering it was pretty much the opposite of an Arch. Honda slings so many Rebels in a year, it's not even funny. Not exactly the bespoke experience that Keanu and his Arch buds are going for. Even so - I think Keanu would probably say - whatever gets you on the road, that's what you're meant to ride.

I'm still undecided at this point. Truth be told, I don't know if I'll ever ride. But if I do, I know what the question is now. To Triumph or Rebel?


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