Trying to live simply!

It's not quite spring yet, but I'm doing my best to get a jumpstart on my spring cleaning. This year I want to do it properly. I'm trying to purge like crazy, because at present there are four of us living in a one bedroom plus den condo, and to say that we're running out of space is a bit of an understatement.

In all honesty, we don't have a ton of stuff. We can't. There's no room for it. However - we certainly have far more than we need and definitely more than fits in our current home. We are making it work at present, but I know I would really love to clear out the clutter and keep the joyful and the practical. Right now when I look around, what I see is a lot of the redundant acquisitions that have taken place since I moved out this way thirteen years ago.

When I moved out west, I came with literally one suitcase. That's it! That's all I could have. That's all the airline my then partner booked our flights through would accommodate. The second suitcase would have been handy, but one was all we got. One suitcase, for what was assumed to be one year of living on the West Coast. Nothing but the basics.

Did you know that Keanu lived out of a hotel for several years? Just him, some suitcases, and the amenities of the hotel. That means for a decent amount of Keanu's incredibly successful career, he lived with only his necessities. I think that is truly admirable. I tried to do it for a year and even then I did eventually have to bring another suitcase out with me.

Now Keanu has since moved into a massive Hollywood Hills mansion so has likely acquired a number of new things since then. As have I. Like a husband, and two offspring. Unsurprisingly those three additional humans come with their own necessities too.

While I don't imagine I'll ever live a minimalist life free of clutter, I really do appreciate the inspiration from Keanu and my soon to be good friend Marie Kondo. I'd like to be able to look around my home and feel like the things around me were chosen thoughtfully and intentionally. Even if I do take over more square footage some day, it would nice to go into the new space with only the necessities.


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