Work with the people you want to work with!

I don't know if you've ever noticed, but Keanu has had a number of repeat co-stars. Sandra Bullock. Charlize Theron. Winona Ryder. Rachel Weisz, not to mention his co-stars of the three major franchises he's been a part of - Bill & Ted, Matrix, and John Wick ... all of which have more movies coming out soon. Ever wonder why the repeats? Because people love working with Keanu! I want to work with Keanu so bad I've made it my impossible goal. I just wish it weren't so impossible.

Keanu has made himself an actor people want to work with again and again. Not just because he's talented (which he most absolutely is) but because he's kind, hardworking, professional, and a delight to be around. Sounds like the kind of person I want to work with!

Unfortunately my opportunity to work with Keanu is still lightyears away, but I am lucky enough to have other people in my life who fit that same description, and who are just as badass as Keanu is. Legitimately. Like if Keanu has any more shooting training or fight choreography to do, these guys could help him out - they are that good. They are also incredible musicians and as luck would have it, they just so happen to be working together on something. What? I'm not quite sure yet. But I know them, so I know it is going to be awesome. So I took a risk and reached out them to invite myself to play along with them.

Sometimes I fancy myself an artist, but really my favourite part of making art is not necessarily being the creator, but getting to take part in watching a creation come to life, and helping to share the creation with the world. That's why I became a theatre administrator and manager. 

I knew it was audacious of me to offer help, but I figured at worst they would politely decline - because they do everything politely. Best case scenario - they let me play. Guess what - they gave me an even better case scenario, and not only allowed me to play but also seemed appreciative of the offer of help. 

I still don't know what's to come quite yet, but I do know I'm extremely excited. I get to work with awesome people I've had the pleasure of working with before and I get to help make a thing that I think will be incredibly awesome. I can't freaking wait!  


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