COVID-19 tips from Keanu.

I think we all need a little joy to help us get through these times. May Keanu bring us that joy through some of his very own Coronavirus tips. Enjoy - and take heed!

1. Do NOT Sneeze into your hands. Come on. Lift that elbow. Wash them hands. Don't touch your face. Thanks for showing us what not to do, Keanu!

2. Do NOT Travel. Not through time. Not through space. Certainly not in an elevator. There's no way you can keep your necessary 6 foot distance from there. Also - it's just gross!

3. Do NOT open the door when someone knocks. Don't let them inside. Don't engage in any physical activity with them. Just talk to them through the door. Call someone to help them if they need it. Trust me - it's not worth it.

4. Do NOT take the bus. It's got a biological bomb on it. Just stay put maybe! Or find another way to get around.

5. Do NOT fraternize with the risk takers. You might not think what they're doing is not a big deal, but before you know it, innocent lives are being lost.

6. Do NOT go to work if you don't have to. Not saying that your boss is the devil if they are making you go to work when you can clearly work from home. ... Not saying they're not.

7. Do NOT pick up smoking right now. I know it's a stressful time, and maybe a time you might want to smoke, but you know with Covid-19 being a respiratory disease - maybe don't. Just sayin'.

8. Do NOT presume you can Dodge This. Remember that Neo was the chosen one. Imagine that Agent Smith is Coronavirus and you're just anybody else in The Matrix. Don't get bugged.

9. Do NOT presume that one small little incident will be no big deal. Trust me - one small choice can cost countless lives. Corona is the John Wick of viruses! It's not the Bogeyman. It's what you call to kill the Bogeyman.

10. Appreciate your health care workers. They are the heroes right now. They're risking their lives for us. Surely we can stay home for them! 


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