Not so sad Keanu!

Remember the Sad Keanu meme from ten years ago? Yes - that was ten years ago already. Keanu was hanging out by himself on a bench eating a sandwich when a papparazo snapped a super glamorous shot of the moment.

Well of course he didn't look super happy. The guy is sitting there minding his own business eating a sandwich. Who the heck looks awesome doing that? I cannot even begin to describe how many times this past week I would have looked the exact same way had a stranger just up and snapped my picture. Correction - I would have looked much much worse!
Keanu has since used the word 'contemplative' to describe his state during this photo session. I cannot say the same thing for myself this past week. I remember one distinct moment this week when I was exhausted having had very little sleep the previous night, and barely mustering the energy to sit up straight after having battled with my preschooler and infant countless times that morning. I had at least won the battle of leaving the house and found my way to a bench to sit down to 'supervise' my children as they played. 

I am not kidding. I literally stared at the ground completely zoned out until a tiny voice whispered in my mind "you look like sad Keanu right now." Then I smiled. And laughed. And all was okay again. But for that brief moment of vacancy, there were limp hands, shrugged shoulders, and a shell of a human just getting through the day. 

Even if anyone had noticed it, they wouldn't feel the need to ask me if I was okay, or worry that something might be terribly wrong. They likely would have noticed the two children and understood immediately. But Keanu's a celebrity, so of course there have been interviews where he gets asked about it ... even still to this day. At the time of the photo, he did comment that he wished the photo hadn't been taken, but I'm confident that was merely a reflection of Keanu wanting to maintain his privacy more than regret about people seeing him or thinking him sad. He now shrugs off the meme as people just having fun, and seems okay or possibly even happy with how the meme played out. For him, whether or not he was sad that day is irrelevant. The issue is that a photo was taken when he was having a moment to himself, and unsurprisingly it came off as unflattering and intrusive.

We all have our Sad Keanu moments. Looking out a bus window on our commute, stuck in the airport security lineup (looking at you Weird Al), or probably any moment when one finds themselves alone and without the distraction of technology to keep us from our own thoughts. 

In response to someone's assumptions about loneliness Keanu said "Once you know how to take care of yourself company becomes an option not a necessity." I really appreciate the sentiment and couldn't agree more. 

I encourage us all to embrace our Sad Keanu moments. Sit on the bench alone. Eat the sandwich. Think of something. Or nothing. Who cares? The moment is for you. And if someone takes your picture and you end up seeing it, I hope that you too have the ability to acknowledge the humour in what you look like in your moment of solitude. It probably won't be pretty. That moment with yourself though - that's still a thing of beauty!


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