Our Kingdom of Isolation

My apologies that I am behind on my posts, to the few of you reading them right now. You'd think I'd have more time given the current state of affairs with all things COVID-19. Unfortunately upon getting sick, and then being advised to isolate ourselves for two weeks, suddenly life just became about getting used to the new normal. Newsflash - we're still not used to it.

Now - I know that I've already mentioned what Keanu has said about loneliness, but I'm going to dig in on it again here.

"Once you know how to take care of yourself company becomes an option and not a necessity." Yes - I'm aware in this context he's talking about being single, and going out and a bunch of things that don't currently apply to our pandemic right now. I still think they are words worth reading over and over again. 

I'm not even kind of alone right now. If anything there are maybe too many of us in this condo at the moment. Even so, I think what Keanu says about knowing how to take care of yourself is so integral to how we are all going to get through these times of social distancing. Because company ISN'T an option right now. Isolation is! Solitude is! Being with yourself and the ones with whom you live, is the life right now.

Our first order of business is to set ourselves up for success within our new environments. What do we each need to get us through the day to day. These days will be hard but we can do it.

We're taking care of ourselves over here! I hope you are taking care of yourself too! Even if that means reaching out to someone and letting them know you need help. Help can still come in isolation. It might just take on a new form. Be open to it! And know - you can do this! 


  1. Not easy days, that's for sure, so if you ever want a digital visit from a certain elderly uncle (or just a dear friend) I'm more than happy to oblige!


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