A Time to Grieve

Last week was hard. Last Tuesday in particular. This time of isolation has been hard on all of us. We've all been grieving something. Our social lives, our jobs in many cases, our sense of 'normalcy' and 'freedom.' When your life is filled with inconvenience from change, it's easy to internalize the impact of that change and those inconveniences while forgetting the bigger context.

I used to look at the numbers on the daily and be sad knowing the monumental impact this disease is having all over the world. But it hit close to home when someone I attended high school with posted that their mother had passed from Covid-19. That made it real. Even though I haven't talked with this person in about 20 years, my degree of separation from the detrimental impact of this pandemic was closing in. Then it happened!

I got a text saying my Gramma was in the hospital. My Gramma was 95 and has always been a social and lively person. Unfortunately with all the changes, her health deteriorated. Once at the hospital, things started to get better ... until they got worse. Turns out she had a lung infection. She passed on April 28th!

She did not pass from Covid-19, but I think it's fair to say she did pass as a result of the pandemic. She is missed so much by all her family. We have all been grieving. Sadly, we cannot grieve together right now. I will not be getting on a plane to be with everyone in Ontario. No hugs will be shared to comfort each other. And it absolutely breaks my heart to know this is being experienced countless times over with all of the new and excess deaths that are taking place all over the place.

To those who are grieving their former lives
To those who are grieving their loved ones
To those who are grieving the world we once new
My heart goes out to you all.

As Keanu says "[Grief is] about the love of the person you're grieving for, and any time you can keep company with that fire, it is warm."

If anyone knows about grief, it's Keanu! I will not go into all the details, but you can certainly review his cause for grief if you so choose. What I can say is that his words are of the greatest comfort to me right now.

Beatrice Knight, Gramma, Great-Gramma - we love you so much. Thank you for the warmth!

Great Gramma meeting Auri for the first time - December 2016
Great Gramma meeting Lauchlin for the first time - December 2019


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