Anything worth doing, is worth doing poorly!

During this time of being stuck inside I have tried to find ways to stay motivated and on task. Clearly, based purely on the fact that I have not been consistent with my weekly blog, I have not been doing a great job of this. However, I am still doing things.

At the beginning of this time I was encouraged by a friend of mine to take on a 28 Day Workout challenge. So I did it. And it was awesome. And for the first time in a long time I actually did it pretty much every day (save for maybe 2 workouts that I made up for on the break days). It was quite the accomplishment. But then the isolation continued and so another 28 Day Challenge was born.  I was pretty good at the beginning but the last couple of weeks is when I fell of the bandwagon.

The beauty is I'm still working out about 3 times a week, which is what I had tried to create as a habit for myself. And while it might not seem like much, it's a big difference for me. I've never been a gym rat. Phys Ed was fairly consistently my least favourite subject in school. I've always been the artist amongst a bunch of athletes. True story - one time in elementary school I did so poorly in the annual track event that an older brother felt it necessary to let me know I wasn't worthy of our last name. (He was right, I sucked. I'd love to hate him for this comment, and yes he could have been more tactful,  but it was probably the first time I looked myself in the mirror and accepted that perhaps I didn't have or need the same skills as my brothers and could find happiness and purpose in a different place. Not many years later I discovered theatre - so there you go.)

All that to say - the minimal efforts I'm putting in right now to better myself and still work towards some goals is making me feel awesome. And surprisingly - I actually really enjoy working out now. I'm sure I can push myself harder - but for now - a bit of something is a whole lot better than whatever the nothing would be for me.

So as I'm beginning what is now the third round of a 28 Day workout challenge, I'm only slowly starting it up, but I'm hoping I can get into it again and actually build on the momentum I had going for a while. So long as I remember that I'd rather be doing something than nothing, then I think I'll be okay.

If Keanu can go through all the training he had to to become Neo and John Wick, surely I can fulfill my training to feel strong enough to pretend like I could take either of them on.  I mean - obviously that's impossible. But the act of dreaming is the one thing that can't be taken away from us right now, so I'll be over here punching the air getting ready for the big fight, while you judge from the sidelines.


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