Fight or ... FIGHT!

So this is a very sad time for many of us, but it is also an enraging time for those of us that kinda skip over the sadness straight to the rage.

Here's the thing. My whole obsession with Keanu started from watching John Wick - and there's a good reason for that. He's a complete fantasy. In addition to being an incredible action movie with awesome stunts, well choreographed fights you can follow, and a thin plot that apparently every animal lover can get behind, it's really just a story about a guy - just a guy - who is ridiculously overpowered and can take on pretty much anybody in the world. Who DOESN'T want to be that guy?

I'm sure there are plenty of pacifists who might not want to be that guy. But I'm not one of them. In theory, I am not a physically aggressive person. I will always want to take the peaceful way out of any problem if it can be taken. But here's the thing. When it comes to the fight, flight, or freeze reaction - I'm very firmly in the fight camp. Becoming a mother only heightened that response. I actually fear for my children because my reaction is so strong that I get concerned that I might not be able to control myself in a situation when I clearly should not get myself involved, and they would lose their mother simply because of my rage and pride. (I should probably see somebody about that.)

There have been too many news stories recently (mostly coming from the states) that have made my blood boil and trigger that fight response. And when I read those stories and then return to my family, I am still riled up and I cause problems at home.

I need to channel my chill! So where do I get it? Keanu obviously. You know his name means 'Cool Breeze over the Mountain', right? That's what I need. We're definitely in a valley right now, and I think we all need a little Keanu to cool us off. Yes he's one of the most badass action stars of our time, but he's also one of the most unphased individuals out there who I know has seen some of the most messed up parts of people (you know he's had stalkers, right?) and yet still has enough love for humanity to be sure to take pictures with his fans, get in a van and get strangers home, and smile all the while.

Thanks for the cool downs Keanu! It still does nothing for my animalistic response that will in all likelihood kill me some day. But with some more training hopefully I can react with more calm and wisdom than adrenaline and rage.  Here's hoping!


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