A Chat with Keanu

Once again Keanu's charitable work keeps on going. He put himself up for auction to raise funds for Camp Rainbow Gold. The lucky top bidder will get a 15-minute Zoom chat with Keanu himself, taking place specifically the first week of July, I presume due to Keanu's hectic schedule. It's funny, because for a split second I actually thought to myself "this is my chance." 

It was not! It was most certainly not my chance!

This is for charity after all. The starting bid is a cool $10K USD.  At present, the bid is at $75K and I'm sure that's only going to climb during the week that the auction takes place.

I mean - it's fun to dream, but at some point you do have to wake up and carry on with the life you live. Would I love to chat with Keanu? Absolutely! Would I remortgage my home, or spend life savings intended for the well being of my family to do it? Nope. Sorry Keanu! You're freaking great, but I hope you enjoy your 15 minutes with the individual for whom $75,000 is pocket change. I'm sure it will be very fulfilling. I hope you sell an Arch Motorcycle out of it.


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