Making Change Through Willful Ignorance

Keanu Reeves Kept Calling John Wick the Wrong Name
I read an article recently that I found a bit embarassing before finding it completely profound. So, apparently Keanu Reeves was solely responsible for the title of the much loved franchise of John Wick, allegedly because he kept forgetting screenwriter, Derek Kolstad's original title - Scorn.
At first I was embarrassed by this because I do think it's embarrassing that he kept forgetting the title of the movie in which he stars. However, because I think Keanu is far smarter than he lets on, I would not be surprised if he just chose to not mention the title and instead only ever refer to his character, John Wick, in all interviews, because he knew it would make for the better title. Because, let's be honest - SCORN? Really?!? ... Thanks Keanu! Either for your willful ignorance or legitimate ignorance in your promotion of what we now affectionately call the John Wick series.

But now it's got me thinking. Keanu was able to create a significant change to the film, I'm sure to the frustration of the writer, simply because someone from PR says: 'Welp. He never named the film. People are only going to be talking about John Wick. The film is called John Wick now. Suck it up!' Clearly there's an understanding of the public's influence and spread. In these times of much needed change, how much can we further that influence and manifest change through willful ignorance alone? 

What if we actively choose to ignore and disregard all the barriers that prevent us from seeing the change we want to see? What if we chose to say things like 'Black Lives Matter' and 'Defund the Police' in casual conversation, disregarding how uncomfortable it might make some people? What if we chose to forget the oppressors feelings and just speak up about the world we want to see? What if we choose to forget our fears about the system and just continue doing our part to repeat the names and fight for the legacy of the people who lost their lives to it? What world would we be living in then?

Trust me - I am not suggesting that we be ignorant to the problem. I just wonder what it would be like to be so ignorant, that we are unafraid of any consequence that comes from creating change. Maybe we might just create the change we want to see! ... Maybe. Then again, maybe not.


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