I'm not going to lie. This blog is for completely self indulgent reasons. Let me tell you a story ...

Once upon a time there was a tired and kinda angry lady who needed a release. One fateful evening in 2018 she decided to put on John Wick and watch over 80 redshirts go down as a result of Theon Greyjoy taking out a posthumously gifted puppy. It was glorious! It also served as her waking point to the pure and unadulterated awesomeness that is Keanu Reeves. All the nostalgia of his best performances, his yummiest roles, his humble yet self assured presence came flooding back to her and all things in life became KEANU.

Yup! That story is about me.  I love me some Keanu Reeves. So much so that shortly after I rediscovered my love of him I was in a personal development session with my Besties in which I set an 'impossible goal' of collaborating with him on an artistic endeavour. Knowing it was impossible (or in my mind highly improbable) didn't stop me from being excited at exploring all the various avenues I could to actually have a conversation with him about something creative. I'm pretty sure the exact words out of my mouth that day were "I'm so excited to fail."

This blog is one of those failures. Will it get me closer to Keanu? Nope! Will it shed some light on why Keanu is the best and why the world also fell in love with him in 2019, thereby making my goal all the more impossible? Oh you bet! At least that's the intention. Remember - this blog is a failure.  And I can't wait to see what happens as a result of it.


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